No. These tractors are designed with both the professional and novice users in mind. Unlike older or other tractors on the market the Landlegend range all have power steering. The latest design includes easy to reach, simple controls, easy access, digital dash. All controls are labeled clearly & the tractors & implements are supplied with a comprehensive Operators Manual.

With a dual stage clutch when you put your foot on the pedal the first stage of the clutch will work the transmission & the lower part will work the tractors PTO (power take off) meaning you can control the PTO & transmission separately. Example when reversing into a corner & starting work with a topper or a rotovator you can let your clutch up gently & your PTO / Implement will start to turn and then as you let the clutch up a bit more you will start to move forwards (it makes starting & stopping much easier, all land inc corners gets worked properly & its less strain on the tractors transmission) A single stage clutch would mean both your implement & transmission engage at the same time so when starting off your moving forwards before your implement is even working! Also with a dual stage clutch you can also use implements like bailers, collectors & hedgetrimmers with ease… A single stage clutch on a collector or a bailer is a nightmare for causing blockages & with a hedgetrimmer if you put your foot on the clutch to do a tricky bit of trimming around a gate post or a tree your flail head simply stops turning (making it very difficult to operate) So make sure your new tractor has a DUAL STAGE CLUTCH (not a single)

Yes. The Landlegend is fully compliant with all the latest UK and EU rules & regulations. Each tractor also comes with its own unique Certificate of Conformity.

Yes, the Landlegend is fully compliant throughout the UK and Europe.

All Landlegends are delivered fully assembled, full of top grade oil, tested and ready to go straight to work.

Once the loader brackets have been fitted, the loader jib can easily be taken on and off in under five minutes, with no tools needed. The Backhoe is 3-Point linage mounted. So, unlike some other sub-frame mounted versions, the Landlegend Backhoe can be taken on and off just as simple as a topper or linkbox.

Yes. Parts can be ordered 24hrs a day online or are available from Agricultural outlets or our network of dealers. (Please see our Aftersales page)

All Landlegend tractors and equipment come with 12 months warranty as standard. This can be upgraded for up to 3 years or we can tailor make a package to suit your needs.

No. All Landlegends are designed to be simple and easy to work on. They come with Operators Manual, Troubleshooting guides and parts book with schematic diagrams. Any agricultural engineer would be capable of fixing a Landlegend tractor with ease and any competent individual would be fine with servicing it themselves.

Double acting spool valves are used for operating hydraulic equipment.
Eg. A hydraulic offset Topper / Mower needs power to push it out into cutting position and also to pull it back in for transit mode. A single acting spool would only be able to push it out, (not pull it back in) With double acting spools valves you have power both ways, so with hydraulic equipment you have every option covered.

Yes. The Landlegends are selectable 4×4 and have a diff lock as standard. With a full spec tractor, you get a set of front mounted weights that will improve tractor balance. You also have a choice of wheels to suit your terrain / application. We are happy to advise if you are unsure.