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Landlegend - Complete Smallholder Solutions


Landlegend are established in the british market as one of the top performing and value-for-money tractors, ideally suited to the smallholder farmer.

These tractors are manufactures in the Far East by one of the largest tractor manufacturers in the world. They have been established since 1952, and to date, have sold over 2.5 million units worldwide!

They are currently used in a range of applications: farms, Smallholding, Forests & Woodland Areas, Equestrian Centres, Livery Yards, Wildlife Parks, Caravan Sites, Country Estates, Golf Courses, Local Authorities etc.

The tractors are assembled in the UK to produce a tractor that is versatile, reliable & very competitively priced.

These tractors are fully approved for the UK market and have passed all the necessary HSE CE tests. Every tractor comes with its own EC Certificate of Conformity document.

Landlegend also offer an extensive range of agricultural implements & accessories. We can supply and fit Loaders & Backhoes.

We also stock mowers, toppers, rollers, ménage levellers, trailers, chain harrows etc. Please see our Machinery & Implements page for the full range.

We can deliver to Great Britain, Ireland and mainland Europe. Please enquire for more details.
With a choice of up to 3 years parts & labour warranty and with excellent aftersales advice & parts back-up,    you can be sure that buying a Landlegend is your Number 1 choice.

We are currently offering FREE UK DELIVERY on all


new- herby!

Herby is an unmatched hedge-trimmer purposely designed for compact mini tractors: smaller than traditional tractor size these machines do offer major results. The little one with big performances!

Herby is a worthy alternative for professional gardeners, farmers who employ compact tractors or simply maintenance of green areas. Herby products have been designed to last and with special attentions for reliability and versatility: our aim is meeting the needs of a sector too often neglected by producers. Click here for requesting further information on Herby hedge-trimmers!